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My husband and I purchased a list priced $2699 mattress from American Mattress on March 8, 2008.We obviously paid a discounted price because no one ever pays the ridiculous sticker price.

Approximately 2 1/2 weeks after sleeping on it it developed a sinkhole on my husband's side (he is only 180 lbs.) When I went to speak to the store we purchased it from, they told me that we have to walk all over the mattress for a few days because they are shipped with a lot of air in them. I did this like an *** for 1 1/2 weeks with the only difference being that it continued to get worse. When I went back and told them we want a refund because if this is how Serta products are we will look into a different brand, they refused. They only carry Serta and their 30 day comfort guarantee is a one-time change out and there are no refunds.

I spoke with Serta who also told me we are out of luck as well as speaking to the regional manager for American Mattress who just encouraged us to try a different mattress. They defend the sinkholes by stating they are "conforming to your body's pressure points. They all do that because of the new technology with the foam." Well, had I been informed of that prior to purchasing I would not have had purchased a Serta and would have researched other brands because my husband is 44 years old and has had two back surgeries and needs a bed that is not going to "conform".

We are out the $1700 that the bed cost and will never again use the "family business" that American Mattress boasts.


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This site is great. I used to work for American and can pick out the salesmen in many of these complaints. What is it that people expect? You want to wheel and deal on a mattress like its a used car then have the nerve to complain about dealing with the same shady guy?

And have you ever run a business? Manufactures don't just gift beds. The business must purchase them. The business pays taxes on that transaction. The business pays shipping costs. They pay insurance, rents, lighting, heating, cooling, supplies, phone, drivers, trucks, diesel, employees, office and warehouse staff.

Seriously, if someone exchanges a $4000 mattress, do you think the company gets a $4000 tax break? They eat the vast vast majority of the cost.

What do people do on beds? How are babies made? Would you accept that mattress that someone else used? I didn't think so.

I still have friends at that company, and while I'm sure many stories are spot on accurate, many are almost complete fabrications by people mad they can't get their way.... akin to a child throwing a temper tantrum.


It must be the management of American Matress.I had a terrible experience at the Crestwood store on 1/2/12.

The salesman was so pushy, argumentative and insulting that I left the store and purchased a $1,200.00 mattress from The Bedding Experts in Alsip.

A word to the wise, stay out of the Crestwood store and give your business to someone else.

The sales-kid should be selling used cars.He sure lost a $1,200 + sale.


Don't buy anything from America's Mattress.They are deceitful in their selling practices and in their products.

I bought the top of the line Serta memory foam mattress and from the start it was like sleeping in a big sink hole.

The store would not do anything about it; and I was told that it was just me and that it took at least 45 days for my body to adjust.I ended up throwing out the mattress and was out $1800.


My husband and I purchased a mattress set from this company at their Orland Park location a month ago. We complained upon delivery because the mattress was dirty when they took it out of the packaging. They agreed to exchange it the following day for a $50 re-delivery fee!

When we got the 2nd mattress, it was also in not "new" condition. We refused it. The store manager got upset, starting cussing and using vulgar language over the phone. We immdeiately called our credit card company to remove the charges. Thankfully, it was handled.

In speaking to a friend from work, I found out her nephew had worked there for a few years. He told her that their mattresses are not always "new". In fact, when you take them up on their "30 day comfort guarantee", the mattresses that are returned from other customers are put BACK INTO STOCK and RE-DELIVERED TO OTHER NON-SUSPECTING CUSTOMERS!!! No wonder our mattresses didn't look fresh either time they were delivered!



I can't believe what a nightmare we had buying a mattress with American Mattress in Evanston IL.If American Mattress would like some consultative advise on how to sell and mattress and execute in customer srvice feel free to respond to the blog.

I should have known I was dealing with a bad company and bad service when I came in to follow-up on our financing and a conference call was on speaker phone and it was a "staff" call and all they were doing was using explitives describing their experences with "dumb" customers. Seriously, what was I thinking? However, I let it go. We purchased the mattress, and now they can't seem to nail down a delivery date and stick to it!

Really?? What is so hard about spending $2500.00 and expecting the product delivered. I am not looking for a discount, I am looking for the service and the "hometown" experience that they promote. What a joke.

Don't buy from American Mattress!

Shopping should be convenient, and expectations set as well as met.Save yourself and your valuable time, DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY!


geez guys, I work for american mattress, I'm a store manager at an indiana location, we have the finest sales staff, often times we bend over backwards for customers, every month 1000s of clients we have are extremely satisfied with our product and services, lets face it buying a mattress is like going to the dentist, nobody wants to do it, but our process of selecting a mattress, is foolproof, we listen to the problems our clients have, and if there is a problem still, we have many options to remedy the situation, people have bad expeireinces all the time, if you have aproblem don't come in screaming and cursing, explain the problem, and lets come up with a solution everyone can be happy with. Remember you catch more flies with honey, not vinegar


1. Americas Mattress has nothing to do with American Mattress. American Mattress is proven to be one the most respectable sleep shops in the midwest due to the quality of product (Serta and Tempur) and the quality of the sales people. the managers do not work off of commission off of every sale. The 30 day comfort guarantee sets them apart from other companies because it is offered for free on every level of mattress.

2. Manufacturer defects are possible. ex Toyota is one of the most highly regarded car makers in the world and they had a recall on millions and millions of vehicles sold. It happens. The important thing is that they were willing to fix the issue via a recall. So even though you may have been unlucky with your specific product, the manager was willing to fix the issue. You declined his services and ruined the relationship by getting angry and demanding a refund.


We purchased from Greenwood, IN.two twin x-long mattresses only (for Serta Ortho beds).

I am disabled and I need to elevate my legs. Ten years ago we got two twin ortho beds and locked them together to make a king bed with sep. controls. They are Serta beds and we could not have been happier with them.

We needed new mattresses, and here the problem begins. We purchaed from this company. Salesman tried hard to sell us the memory foams, when he knew we were not going to do that, he said "well we can step down to a Serta". And he is a Serta dealer, talked like Serta was nothing but cheap junk....well he was right.

We paid $2,100 for two twin x-long (mattresses only no box springs). Now less than 90 days later (when we addressed it with company) there are big dips in center, they are knifed on edges and feel like you are falling out of bed. Went back to talk to salesman, he first said, "well if you would have bought a more expensive set like I advised",

"you get what you pay for". He said Temp.

Memory F. was the best. Well he tried to get us first to upgrade for several thousand more dollars. When he found we were not doing that, it went down hill from there.

He talked to us like dogs, to the point we just left. He said " you mean it took 80+ days to find out you had a problem" well they are junk and it took a few months for them to start breaking down. He said he would have to charge us to have them looked at and discouraged us from doing that, as he said "most of the time they are not in warranty because they have to have a dip of more than 1 1/2 inches deep". So he got rough talking, we left.

Monday I called Serta direct. They said he had the right to say he would charge us for warranty call, as they say they charge the mattress store themselves. (Shows me that they have so very many calls for warranty that they feel that they have to charge to make up some of their losses) I asked that a Serta Rep. from this area contact me.

Well 30 days later no call. I called Serta again today, and they blew me off again and said , "we forwarded the message to rep". I am disabled and will lose a leg later on down the road in all probability. I cannot go through this anymore.

Also, being disabled without much income I cannot afford to buy more mattresses. Please contact post a note and let me know if you have had any dealings with this company and had any resolve to your issues at all. I need ideas. I thought about going to local news channel that helps with consumer problems next.

Please let me know if anyone has purchased theirs at Greenwood, Indiana store also. Thought we could get an attorney and pursue class action suit. Furthermore, the salesman here on this site, that is rambling on and on with such horrific language, must be an employee of this company.

Because that is what seems typical of this company.Thanks


There's a difference between American Mattress and America's Mattress. Which is it people???

Just remember, when you're pissed you want to tell EVERYONE.When you're satisfied, you tell no-one, because you expect it.


Listen, I sell mattresses and have sold a lot of stuff over the years.First, I'm equally upset about your comments about salesmen as you are about his language.

Stay on topic, keyboard commando. Serta is the best made mattress out on the market, but like any other product, you need an expert opinion from a well-trained, well-meaning salesperson. If you get the wrong mattress for you, it's just like buying the wrong shoes! I understand mattresses are more expensive than "underware" or even shoes for that matter.

But, nonetheless, all money aside, it's still the same analogy. Just because something's more expensive, doesn't mean you are guaranteed satisfaction. No business is going to take an item back without stipulations, even walmart. America's Mattress has a 90 day comfort guarantee and WARRANTIES not guarantees on their mattresses.

No mattress (like shoes) is going to be in the same condition as the day you bought it. It has a "breaking in period". All mattresses sag or "hammock" after some use. That's a benefit to you as the conform to you anatomy.

If the sag is 1.5" or greater, as an industry standard, it should be covered under warranty. Now if you are doing a comfort exchange and getting a different, more expensive mattress, why shouldn't the company charge you the difference?

I find it silly, that in a capitalist nation where EVERYONE has the opportunity to own their own business, that there is such negativity from the consumers. It's as if consumers HATE business. I'm sure that this particular customer would love to see the "italian" manager and "non english speaking delivery guys" go out of business.

What if the only place to buy anything was walmart? Do you think walmart would have the selection and pricing strategy they have? NO!!!The capitalist structure of our country gives you so many benefits! The fact of the matter is every time someone pulls a fast one on a company, every other shopper behind that customer pays for it.

I'm sorry that this racist didn't get the mattress that they expected, but with all that negativity, I wonder if that's even possible. And ultimately, that salesman didn't steal from you- you pulled out your wallet and willingly handed him the $$. If you did your shopping, you chose the mattress you bought.

If you didn't, that's you fault for being impulsive.Again, I will stand by Serta for as long as they make the mattresses they are making, today.

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