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On Wednesday January 23rd 2013 around 3:30pm, I entered your Elston Location in Chicago (2727 N Elston Ave. Chicago IL 60647).

The young man was on the phone, my wife and I looked around for a few minutes, then when he got off the phone he said hi, shook my hand and told us about the company. I was very pleased that American Mattress is a family owned company, he then proceed to give us a tour and asked us to lay on a few beds to see what we like, he was very helpful. We found the mattress that we wanted, we started to talk about prices and I thought it was a fair price. I told him that I wanted to check out another place down the street and ill be back.

He asked why I didn't want to buy the bed right now. I told him I wanted to look around. He got mad and threw a fit, my wife asked him for a business card and he said he doesn't have any. She said if she could get the number for the this location, he said he didn't know it.

He had a very bad attitude. I extended out to shake his hand and he said he didn't want a hand shake and grabbed his phone to make a call. When we told him we wanted to go across the street he's whole demeanor changed.

We really loved the bed, we wanted to return to make our purchase, but my wife was so disgusted by his attitude that we decided not to go back. I love your store and your bed's but the people who are the "face" of your company are really hurting your image.

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This happens when the employees draw (pay) is terrible and you have to hit a high number in sales to get the extra pay that makes it worth working 50+ hours ( no overtime pay )

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